Monday, December 1, 2008

CAML Queries in SharePoint

There we go. ot even one day into it and I have my first blunder to talk about. I've been using CAML Queries in SharePoint or a while now, they are fast and really easy t use ........ well if you using something like CAML Query Builder.
No idea how many times I've used this now but today it had me stumped. I used it to build me a querry, which I tested and everything worked great ..... until I put it in my code. The it suddenly just returned everything in the list I was running the query on. This took me almost 30 minutes to and another set of eyes to solve.
Huge FYI everyone, when ya copy the query string out of CAML Query Builder DO NOT copy the <query> <\query> tags and the start and end.

Ok you can laugh at me now :D

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  1. Heh, yeah I've been tripped up by that blunder too...